Tecnogomma has long been committed to continuously improving its sustainability by making environmental and social aspects an integral part of the company strategy. During 2022, Tecnogomma promoted various initiatives aimed mainly at improving environmental sustainability, such as the voluntary compensation of CO2 emissions with the purchase of Carbon Credits deriving from certified projects, as well as the purchase of electricity with 100% Guarantee of origin from renewable sources. Among the company’s key objectives we also find the improvement of impact management reporting and the greater involvement of stakeholders in decision-making processes.

In this context, we have committed ourselves during 2023 to “looking within” to achieve greater awareness and involvement regarding our Sustainability in the three ESG pillars (Environmental, Social and Governance).

With the presentation of this first Sustainability Report, we want to kick off an activity that will continue over the years and will allow us to make significant improvements in all the aspects dear to our Stakeholders (subjects directly or indirectly involved in the company’s activity).

This first report and in general our way of being, focuses on contents, projects, objectives and concrete results and does so with sober and discreet communication, but which we want to become increasingly effective.


For all those working with and within Tecnogomma International Group, the Code of Ethics is the tool by which the companies of the Group express their values and principles of conduct. These companies have adopted the same Code of Ethics.

All those having business relationships with, in the name and on behalf of Tecnogomma International Group, are expected to contribute to its implementation and to the dissemination of the principles set out therein, so that all relationships with external bodies can be conducted on the basis of absolute fairness, with respect for the rights of others and in accordance with the laws and the principles of belonging to the company.

The Code of Ethics is based on a long-term commitment supporting and giving foundation to the strategy and the industrial development goals of Tecnogomma International Group.


Tecnogomma International Group’s relationship with its Suppliers, extremely important Stakeholders, is based on the principles of legality, transparency, fairness, trust and collaboration.
The Supplier’s Code of Conduct  is intended to give substance precisely to an ever-closer cooperation, in order to strengthen these principles by building together a supply chain that is attentive not only to the quality of the products or services, but also to the environment and the social and working conditions in which the products or services Supplied are conceived and produced.



Legislative Decree 231/2001 introduced a new form of corporate liability for certain types of crimes committed by companies’ directors and employees, as well as by persons acting in the name and on behalf of Tecnogomma International Group.
Referring to Legislative Decree 231/2001, the companies of the group which have formally established their own Management and Control Organizational Model are:

  • Tecnogomma International S.p.A
  • Tecnogomma International Due S.r.l.
  • Deagom S.r.l.
  • Tecnogomma International Group Service S.r.l.

The models adopted arise not only from a regulatory requirement but also to successfully address the complexity of situations in which companies find themselves operating, and clearly define the values that inspire them and they wish to be respected. In no way can the conviction of acting for the Company’s benefit justify any conduct contrary to these principles.
The models adopted by the companies of Tecnogomma International Group consist of a “General Part” and a “Special Part” which define the different types of crimes and offenses to be prevented.
The Group companies adopted Supervisory Bodies with the task of constantly monitoring the compliance with the Code of Ethics and the Models by all recipients, as well as the implementation of the requirements contained therein.


Tecnogomma Group undertakes to guarantee the protection of people who, within the scope of their employment relationship with the Company, report violations of European Union law and national regulatory provisions, as required by Legislative Decree 24/2023.
The EQS Integrity Line platform represents the internal channel implemented by TECNOGOMMA group for this purpose.

This channel, reachable at the link: Tecnogomma International Spa | Home (

  • allows you to make a report in written or oral form
  • is configured in compliance with the parameters set in the Italian Legislative Decree 24/2023,
    guaranteeing the confidentiality of the reporter, of any reported subject and of the content of the report
  • allows you to maintain contact with the report manager, using the “secure inbox”
  • is totally free for the user.

The EQS Integrity Line platform allows the reporter to communicate their personal data or to remain anonymous.
The reporting party may also send their report by ordinary or registered mail to the reporting manager – Alfa Solutions S.p.A., Strada Traversetolo, 20/D – 43123 – Parma (PR). The whistleblower is invited to read the specific procedure adopted by the company.


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