A white room or clean room is an aseptic working environment, where the air is 10.000 to 50.000 times cleaner than normal air. It is a reconstructed environment, which is used to minimize the introduction, the generation and retention of particles, which are transported in its interior by air, permitting activities which are sensitive to contamination. Important parameters are monitored here, like for example: temperature, humidity, number of particles, differential pressures between environments. The environments have been designed in such a manner to guarantee the pureness of the air wanted (desired) both in the “at-rest” condition (the plant has been installed completely and can function without the assistance of the operators), as well as in the operative condition (the plant functions according to the established manner and in the presence of a specific number of operators). The system is made up of an installation of external conditioning, which introduces a laminar flow of air through powerful filters positioned in the ceiling of the room itself and aspired through grilles placed on the structure. The pureness of the air in these premises is superior to that of an operating theatre. The staff, that works here, wears sterile coats, shoe-covers and caps. The clean room, which is being constructed in our company will be class ISO 8, which implies a maximum of 3.516.757 particles from 0,5μ per cubic meter of air with a constant air recycle of 20 times per hour. The self-supporting structure is in steel and expansive polyurethane. The filters HEPA and the floor painted according to the medical standard are some of the principal characteristics for the correct functioning of more than 150 m² of clean room.




Being the policy of quality of prime importance inside our Group, all our companies work and are certified according to the Standard ISO 9001.

Since February 2005 we are certified according to the Standard ISO/TS 16949:2002 for the automotive sector. Our quality system is also certified from DVGW Institut for gas and water applications.

In December 2008, Tecnogomma International Spa reached an important goal: the certification according the Standard ISO 14001:2004 for the Environment Management System.

PEC Tecnogomma

 Da oggi è disponibile anche la casella PEC di tecnogomma, potete scrivere a 


Tecnogomma International S.p.a.
Primary company of the group. The principal activity is the production of O-Rings and technical parts in large series...
Tecnogomma International Due s.r.l.
Company specialised in the production of O-Rings and technical parts in small an medium quantities...
Tecnogomma International Tre s.r.l.
Trading company, who avails itself of specialised suppliers in special fields...
Gomatec Espana, s.l.
Spanish trading company, through whom we supply the local market...
Fujicaucho s.l.
Spanish production site for O-Rings and technical part...

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